Sadly, Aaron Carter passed away at age 34.

The musician and Nick Carter’s younger brother Aaron Carter fell away on November 5 at the age of 34. He was discovered by his fiance Melanie Martin to be “unresponsive.”

At only 34 years old, Aaron Carter passed away. The younger brother of Nick Carter, who was also a well-known adolescent singer, was discovered dead on Saturday, Nov 5, according to his representative. TMZ broke the story first, citing law enforcement officials who told them that a 911 call had been placed at around 11 a.m. His [fiancée] Melanie Martin discovered him unconscious at their Lancaster, California, home this morning. Everyone is currently in such a state of devastation, the spokesperson said. Sheriffs and paramedics are currently visible outside his residence, which is cordoned off with caution tape.

Mother Jane Elizabeth Carter, brother Nick Carter, age 41, twin sister Angel Carter, age 34, sister Bobbie Jean Carter, age 40, sister Virginia Marie Carter, age 50, half brother Kaden Carter, age 17, and son Prince Carter, age 1, with Melanie Martin, all survive Aaron. When Leslie, his sister, was 25 years old, she passed away in 2006 from an overdose. At the age of 65, Robert Gene Carter passed away in 2017 after a heart attack.

In 2019, Aaron spoke openly on The Doctors about his battles with addiction, particularly with pill usage and “huffing.” He told the hosts, “I’ve kept it a secret from the entire globe until now. Inhaling fumes from things like household cleaners, glue, or paint is known as huffing. He revealed that his late sister Leslie had introduced him to it, adding, “Started when I was about 16.” “I didn’t really touch it until I was about 23 years old, immediately following my appearance on Dancing with the Stars. And I started purchasing it with cash at Staples, Office Depot, and other locations in order to avoid having it recorded on receipts or anything like, making it impossible for anyone to identify me.

The native of Tampa, Florida, launched his career at the age of nine, following elder brother Nick’s success with the Backstreet Boys. In 1997, Aaron released his debut album under his own name, and the following year, he joined the Backstreet Boys on tour. Then, in 2000, he released Aaron’s Party (Come & Get It). He also had two well-known relationships as a teenager with Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. As an adult, he maintained his career in entertainment by participating in Dancing With The Stars and making cameos in Seussical on Broadway.

The relationship between Aaron and his on-again, off-again fiancée Melanie has also been turbulent in recent years. Aaron once claimed he was “stuck” in his home because Melanie refused to leave after a breakup. In a separate domestic abuse claim, she claimed that Aaron had broken three of her ribs. In a February restraining order application, Aaron also claimed to have been the victim of domestic abuse.

The Good to Be Two True Singer sought medical care in 2017 to aid with her recovery, but she soon left after relapsing. Three more times, most recently in September 2022, he sought treatment in an effort to regain custody of his 11-month-old child. He described the outpatient programme to The Sun as “an abstinence programme and I work with an individual counsellor” while out shopping with his fiancée Melanie. “I offer domestic abuse counselling, parenting classes, and group therapy. CPR training was one of several skills I learned “He declared.

In addition to his addictions, Aaron battled mental illness and was treated with drugs for schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and severe anxiety.

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