Sadie Sink, a star of Stranger Things, is she joining the MCU as a superhero? Actress DISCLAIMS

Sadie Sink – who became a household name as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things – revealed the truth surrounding the rampant rumours of the actress joining the MCU.

Sadie Sink quipped, “Who wouldn’t want to play a superhero?”

It’s not shocking to hear about MCU casting rumours occasionally, given how many well-known celebrities are joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Sadie Sink is the most recent celebrity rumoured to join the adored superhero universe. Sadie Sink has emerged as the star to watch out for, whether it be her scene-stealing performance as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things or her stellar act opposite Dylan O’Brien in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well: A Short Film. Sadie was questioned about the MCU casting rumours in an interview to promote her upcoming movie Dear Zoe.

Sadie Sink

When questioned about the rumors that she would join the MCU, Sadie Sink said, “Oh! I saw this. I can, I’m denying these rumors. They’re… It’s not true. (laughs) No, I’ve seen the rumors. I don’t know where they came from. But, as of now, they’re not true. (chuckles)” The next question directed at Sink then was; Would she want to join the MCU if the opportunity presented itself, especially with all the amazing Sadie Sink/MCU fan art making the rounds on social media for a while now?: “Sure… Oh, okay, I need to look at this fanart. Yeah, if the right superhero comes along, then sure. But, who wouldn’t want to play a superhero?”

Which Marvel Superhero Does Sadie Sink Want to Play?

When asked if she had her sights set on playing a certain Marvel character, especially with fans picturing her as Jean Grey/Phoenix from the X-Men, who was previously portrayed by Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner and actress Famke Janssen – Sadie Sink confessed, “I don’t know enough about it to know what superheroes are available at the moment. Like, how many are even left? I don’t know. I’ll keep my eye out, though.”

We’d definitely be all in to see Sadie Sink join the MCU!

Do you think Sadie Sink would be the ideal casting for this Marvel superhero?

Meanwhile, Sadie Sink has had a productive few years professionally, appearing in The Whale with Brendan Fraser and earning a six-minute standing ovation at the 79th Venice International Film Festival. The Whale, a Darren Aronofsky-helmed film, debuts on December 9 in the US. The Gren Wells-directed film Dear Zoe, which also stars Theo Rossi, Jessica Capshaw, and Justin Bartha, hit theatres in the US on November 4. After the conclusion of Stranger Things 4 Part 2, fans will have to wait till the conclusion of the popular series, Stranger Things 5, to learn Max Mayfield’s destiny.

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