Rita Ora’s Relationship History: Taika Waititi to Bruno Mars

The judge of “The Masked Singer” is linked to numerous famous actors and musicians. Learn more about Rita Ora’s past relationships here!

  • Rita Ora is a popular British musician who also serves as a judge on “The Masked Singer.”
  • Numerous celebrities, including Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, and others, have dated Rita Ora.
  • In 2022, Rita Ora wed Taika Waititi.

For ten years, Rita Ora has been one of the most well-liked singers! She released a number of well-liked songs after releasing her breakthrough single “Hot Right Now” in 2012 and has worked with many of the biggest musicians to date, like Iggy Azaela, Liam Payne, and many others. Rita, 31, has dabbled in acting, making appearances in the 50 Shades of Grey movies, in addition to her illustrious musical career. She has additionally featured on a number of well-known reality programmes, including The Voice UK, America’s Next Top Model, and most recently, The Masked Singer, where she served as one of the judges.

Rita Ora has had a number of high-profile relationships during her career with many other famous people, but in 2021 it seems like she finally found Taika Waititi! They appear to be really happy and were married in a small ceremony.

Rita Ora
Rita and Taika tied the knot in August.

Rita Ora had a brief relationship with Bruno Mars before he became a household name, before she was well-known! Rita opened up about her young romance with the “Just the Way You Are” singer in a 2012 interview with The Sun. “We met in 2009. I was 18 and starting out at Roc Nation. Bruno was unknown back then too,” she said, per Complex. While their relationship was amazing, Rita admitted that it was too much once they both started succeeding in the music business. “Our time together was wonderful. But once we got famous, work got in the way,” she continued. “We ended it last year. But we remained close. And when we were together we were so happy.”

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